Remembering Prince

One of the first things I heard when I came out from the other side of the roller coaster ride known as “my appendectomy,” was the deeply sad news that Prince had died. This one got me, dear reader. Prince is one of the artists who makes up the musical tapestry of my adolescence. But he also managed to slip into my pop culture world too. When I think of him, these clips come to mind:

For the record, I would have reacted like Nick.

Seven years ago, I entered into one of my infamous Great Debates with my good friend Chance. I wrote about it on my website in 2009 and I thought it would be fitting to dip into the archives in order to once again share my love for an incredibly talented man. Enjoy.


The other night, I was in a particularly good mood and decided to call my old friend up to tackle another great debate. What are the top 5 Prince songs of all time?

Fortunately, Chance is able to pull himself away from legal briefs in order to discuss this important matter with a clear and open mind. Since we had “issues” with the Michael Jackson debate, I decide we should start by simply listing all the Prince songs that we like in two minutes. Then we can both narrow our list down until we reach a solid top 5. Here’s what we came up with:

  • Little Red Corvette
  • Raspberry Beret
  • When Doves Cry
  • Purple Rain
  • Kiss
  • Let’s Go Crazy
  • 1999
  • Diamonds and Pearls
  • 7
  • U Got the Look
  • Cream
  • The Most Beautiful Girl
  • Darling Nicki
  • Take Me With You

Then Chance suggests something completely out of left field. This information brings us to the first sound bite of the night:

Chance: “Beautiful Ones.” That’s a good song.
Me: What the heck is “Beautiful Ones?” I’ve never heard of that in my life.

Chance: Whatever.
Me: I’m serious. I’ve never heard of it. Sing it.

Chance (humming something unrecognizable): It’s hard to recreate.
Me: Clearly.

Chance: It’s just Prince being beautiful. Don’t write that down.
Me: Too late. You said it. It’s on the record.

A few minutes later, we learn that “Little Red Corvette” and “Purple Rain” have both made it to the top 5 in each of our lists. I’m not sure the thought process behind Chance’s selection, but I personally chose these two stellar songs because they remind me of the time the seniors danced a Prince medley at our Bobcat Belle Spring Show. Listening closely to the lyrics of “Little Red Corvette” later in life, I’m quite shocked that our director let us bust out a few jazz hands to that song. I executed a perfect pirouette in the Hallsville High School auditorium circa 1994 with lyrics about the singer having a pocket full of Trojans.


Chance: “Let’s Go Crazy” is looking like a solid contender.
Me: You have GOT to be kidding me. Are you serious?

Chance: But I have moves to that song. The part about picking up the phone…
Me: There are a ton of songs better than “Let’s Go Crazy.” What about “7” or “Diamonds and Pearls?” “Raspberry Beret” for sure!

Chance: Oh! “Raspberry Beret” is good too. Am I weird if that’s in my top 5?
Me: You already admitted that you’re weird with this “Beautiful Ones” nonsense. Just own it.

Here’s where we landed in no particular order:

When Doves Cry
Purple Rain
Little Red Corvette
Beautiful Ones
Let’s Go Crazy

Purple Rain
Little Red Corvette
U Got the Look

It’s up to y’all to decide. Who has the better list? Who knows the true meaning of what Prince represented before he was the Artist Formerly Know As? Would any of you put “Beautiful Ones” in your top five?


This is 2016 Lincee speaking now. I think “When Doves Cry” should be on my list. And “Let’s Go Crazy.” I love that “dearly beloved” part! I’m so confused. Help me by sounding off in the comments below!


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Let’s Go Crazy. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. One of my best (and perhaps rastiest) memories was being at a Prince concert in Tacoma, Washington 1985 or 86 with a girlfriend of mine that loved him with me. (Our husbands were there too and very tolerant….). She is gone now, and I sincerely hope she looked him up last week. Here’s the memory: Prince hopped up on the speaker in front of us, dancing madly, and unzipped. It was fabulous.

Amy Kirn
Amy Kirn

I LOVE Lets go crazy but my all time fav is Starfish and Coffee


Beautiful ones would definitely be on my top 5! As would Adore (personal reasons of course). I agree with purplw rain 1999 and little red corvette! As with all music it brings back memories both good and bad. Prince’s music was very relevant during a very happy time in my life and his music always brings those smiles back! I’m thankful his music is still with us even when he isn’t! His talent is a huge hole in the music world! We lost a very talented musician! From all I have read, there is so much I didn’t know. He seemed to have been a very loving, generous man. It makes me like him even more…not just as a musician but as a person!


Purple Rain should be at the top of any list and I agree with most of your other choices, but I also loved I Would Die 4U and Gold is kind of growing on me as I’m ODing on the 8 hour VH1 video block I taped last Saturday!


One of his early songs “Want to Be Your Lover” is up there for me. I saw him in concert in 1988 and it was pretty awesome.


Oh Lincee, your story about your dance in 1994 reminded me of a similar thing back in the 80’s: Our cheerleading squad did a dance to Rick James’ “Super Freak,” which has really disgusting lyrics if you listen to them! Somehow, we never noticed them (!!!), nor did the school administration, as we performed it numerous times at games and actually won a few competitions using it!!! Good grief – To this day I still can’t believe not only that we used it, but that we were actually allowed to!


Lincee, you are totally missing Peach…. It’s a hot little tune and husband Chris will love watching you dance to it… With jazz hands


When I think of Prince – the first sound I think of is “Purple Rain” but almost simultaneously think of “Beautiful Ones.” Can’t believe “Beautiful Ones” isn’t on the tip of everyone’s tongue as a number one Prince song! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
I also love “When Doves Cry” and “Let’s Go Crazy.” But I must say – I’ve had a lot of fun embarrassing my friends by playing “Darling Nikki” and singing the lyrics with the window down going through the weekend cruise line. Of course, that was when I was much younger and much more immature than I am now. LOL
“Your dirty little Prince wanna grind grind grind grind grind grind grind….”


Listening to these Prince songs all these years later… good Lord they’re sexual. Who knew? Clearly I was oblivious to this but I knew all the words!!


Agreed on the dancing-our squad did a nice little move to the heavy breathing part of “Let’s Go Crazy” that I would probably ground my daughter for now.