Return of the green shorty shorts

IHGB reader Stacey went above and beyond when challenged with finding a cute boy with a Dr Pepper.

That’s right! It’s Ed! He’s the chach who left the show to go back to work and then returned later only to win Jillian’s heart in scantily clad green shorty shorts! Apparently, Stacey asked Ed (via his Twitter account) to pose with a Dr Pepper and send her a picture so she could win a year’s supply of the glorious beverage.

And he did.

The great folks over at Dr Pepper have generously decided to send Stacey her own year supply of Dr Pepper for her ambitious efforts. Never fear, there will still be a February winner. Finalists will go up in two weeks.

Now. I’m off to stalk my favorite celebrities on Twitter and Facebook to see if I have the same luck Stacey had. Fingers crossed that Our Host Chris Harrison is in a saucy mood. Wish me luck!


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