Return of the Grobai

I was sifting through my inbox the other day and came across an email sent from a reader named Kristi that was dated September 3. I had marked it with a yellow star and tagged it with the word BLOG. Then I proceeded to forget about said email, tag and star until today when I opened it again to find this:

GREEK GROBAN! How are you, you old so and so? Enjoying the delicious 23 flavors of Dr Pepper I see! That’s my kind of man!

Back in August, when this picture was WAY more relevant, Kristi dragged her husband to the former Bachelor’s family eating establishment in hopes to score a photo with the Greek One. Once she cornered him near the checkout counter where they keep the mason jar full of almonds, she convinced him that he should pose with a Dr Pepper for my site! Forever blown away by the fact that people actually read these words I’m writing, I emailed my girl Christine at Dr Pepper and asked if Kristi could get some cases of DP for her unwavering stalking efforts. Naturally, Christine agreed.

Thanks for thinking of me Kristi! And thanks for posing with Greek Groban Kristi’s husband! (Make sure to check out her blog by CLICKING HERE.) You rock girl!

Opening the photos made me think of Greek Groban’s fellow Grobe. Knowing that they are probably filming the new season right now, I decided to Google image search the good wine maker to see if anything interesting popped up. I hopped over to Google, placed my hands on the home keys and just sat there gazing at the search bar.

For the life of me, I could not remember Groban’s name. I remembered Constantine, then I thought of him in his boxing attire (or was it wrestling?) and that made me think of Ames and his red pants and then how he ran for that brunette chick whose name I can’t remember right now either and then I drifted off to dreaming about Our Host Chris Harrison’s eyes.

After watching the tribute video I made for him once or four times (HERE), I went back to the Google search bar and typed in “Bachelor 2012 + wine” and Groban popped right up.

Ironically, the first page that came up was AOL TV. My friend Maggie and her friend Chris has a pretty interesting IM exchange over this photo:

Dear Groban,

Dude. You’re going to have to step up your game. When someone from ABC made the suggestion that you pose in front of a bunch of fake grapes and three bottles of wine from you vineyard where you can’t even read the label, you should have put your foot down. And when you put it down, you should have fixed the bottom of your Levis. By the way, I salute you for not wearing slate grey jeans. You’ve come a few steps down the fashion path. May I suggest a pop of color next time?

Look, I like you. Every time they showed outtakes with you and Ashely, I actually laughed and wondered why they didn’t show this fun, lovable side of you during the show! I’m choosing not to comment on the episode where you talked like a baby to your dog. I’m that confident in ABC’s selection of you as the next Bachelor. So many readers tell me that I should be calling you Rafael Nadal instead of Groban, but I stuck to my guns even though they are right.

Think about it. Other than the mesmerizing affects of Harrison’s gaze, the memory of en fuego Roberto on the baseball field, the promise of jaunty carriage ride through the Ames Family Estate, Stag’s mad break dancing or synchronized swimming skills, your main Bachelor alumni comparisons are a bunch straight up chaches.

If you stay away from stomping grapes, you’ve totally got this.

Your Bachelor Recap Writer Extraordinaire,

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8 years ago

oh how i wish you would comment more on the baby-talking-to-the-dog scene!

Kristi is cool! great photo!

8 years ago

That’s my BFF! Rock on friend! You should totally read her blog – it’s delightful!

8 years ago

OK, need to hear from Lincee on the bizarre Bachelor promo trailer where a 75-year-old woman on crutches limps across the freshly watered down driveway to tell Ben F. she has the hots for him. To my mind, this is not even remotely funny, and you can tell by the look on Ben F.’s face he was not amused either. Why would the producers embarrass this older woman AND Ben F. with this ill-considered publicity stunt?

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