Return of the Hall of Fame?

If you had asked me if Zachary Levi was in the official IHGB Hall of Fame, I would have emphatically answered, “Of course!” I would have directed you to my website and instructed you to do a quick search and you would have looked blankly, informing me that he must have been inadvertently left off the list.

Watch this darling video and ask yourself, “How can that be?”

A. He can sing.
B. That scruff. [sigh]
C. That amazing t-shirt. [nerd love]
D. He’s friends with Burt.
E. His facial expression at the 1:34 mark.

He is the reason why I watched Chuck for five seasons.

I believe it was his voice that made Tangled as popular as is/was before the world went cuckoo over Frozen. I’d totally cut my magic hair for Flynn.


And although I had no idea he was in the latest installment of Thor, how amazing is this photo?

Thor Premiere

Yes. I think I should make it official. Zachary Levi? Welcome to the Hall of Fame. Call me.


To see the other members, feel free to peruse these links:
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The fabulous baseball diamond.
Team USA!


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I LOVED him in Chuck…I hated for that show to end. And LOVED him in THor…had to rent the movie again just so I could rewind a few times during his parts. He’s a CUTIE even with blonde hair!!! ♥ Glad he made it to your Hall of Fame!

Sharyn Kopf
Sharyn Kopf

Lincee, he played Fandral of the Warriors Three. The snarky one. 🙂 Josh Dallas (Prince Charming from Once Upon a Time) had the part in the first Thor movie.

Josh is great in OUAT but I definitely prefer Zach in Thor.


That was a great video! I would not have known who he was if you hadn’t posted about it!


Okay really? We are on the same page 99% of the time!
Totally agree!

Ashley V
Ashley V

I never watched Chuck, but I have thought about starting it simply because of Zachary Levi. Also, is it okay that I went back and looked at every single hall of fame post? Funny bone for the win!

Jen the Newlywed

And did you know he loves Jesus? True story!


Awesome, love him!!


Jen the Newlywed: That sealed the deal. He just moved to the top of the list!


Thanks for introducing me to my new crush!


Lincee, so glad you included him! I LOVED him on Chuck and have been a fan ever since. He has that nerdy-hot type of image and that suits me just fine….