Rwanda Day 3 — Balloon Twisting Just Got Real

Remember when I decided to learn a skill in 2011 and I picked balloon twisting?  Oh yes.  You can read about the penis sword by CLICKING HERE!

Today was my first opportunity to practice this awesome skill in a mission field.  Before leaving for Rwanda, I learned how to make a zebra, giraffe and a monkey climbing up a palm tree.  I was excited to share with the kids and within seconds, I knew my monkey climbing up a tree would not satisfy the mass of street children who swarmed us when someone pulled out the bag of lollipops since it takes me a good six minutes to complete the feat of engineering when I’m not feeling pressure to perform at the same time with flair and pizazz.

With that said, I can make a dog from start to finish in 30 seconds.  I quickly tutored my fellow mission mates on how to whip out a super cool dachshund and we busted out roughly 50 dogs in a short amount of time.

Note to reader.  Most children in Rwanda have never seen a dog.

After learning this rather important balloon twisting information, I called an audible and switched the agenda to hats.

To sum up:  dogs = no go

Hats = SCORE!

I’ll take it.


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