Season retrospect, birthday wishes and lucky winners

Emily and 1F. What a season. Walk with me down memory lane, won’t you?

Emily + 1F = LOVE from Lincee Ray on Vimeo.

The post wouldn’t be complete without a birthday shout out to everyone’s favorite host. Our Host. Chris Harrison.

Our Host Chris Harrison from Lincee Ray on Vimeo.

And finally, I couldn’t be more overwhelmed by the amount of participation I received from my Men Tell All “after the commercial break” contest. I have the most creative, wonderful, loving readers in the world. It was a tough decision, but congratulations to the following five lucky readers who are the proud owners of IHGB magnets!

Earlier in the show Ryan lost his bump-it, you’ll never believe where it turns up. Find out after the commercial.

After the break, we will all try to figure out who in the hell is the guy in the top left corner seat.

After the break, Sean will take the hot seat where he will then take off his shirt one last time for your viewing pleasure. And then Roberto will join us for an in depth, shirtless discussion of who is hotter Sean or Roberto?

After the break, Chris Harrison will undermine Jake Pavelka with a Muppet.

After the commercial, Ames will challenge the Wolfman to a walk off to see who wears colored pants the best! It’s Red vs. Pink when we come back!!


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