Shalom from Tel Aviv

Shalom and good evening worthy friends! I am sitting in the lobby of The City Hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel at this very moment. Just had a nice dinner of all white/yellow foods and it was good. I think hummus is going to save my life on this trip. Can’t say the same for all of the olives that keep following me wherever I go.

Walked…that’s right…WALKED down to the beach to watch the sunset over the azure water of the Medeterrainian and it was glorious. Here I am dipping a toe or two in the sea.


Please do NOT judge me on my appearance. This is after 15 hours of travel across the world. Stuck in the middle on the 10 hour flight from Newark. And then a nice hot bus ride to the hotel. Straight to the beach for sunset. I’m tired. I probably smell. And my stomach was rumbling. But this is an experience of a lifetime and I’m not going to miss out.

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Going to be here for 10 days. Holy Land trip. Jesus boat and everything! Don’t worry about the recap…I’ve got it covered!

So what did you do today?


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