Since we last spoke…

Where do I begin friends? It’s been eight months since we were last together and so much has happened. It’s been eight months of discovery and re-discovery for me.

For example:

Discovery: Channing Tatum is hot
Rediscovery: Johnny Depp is sexy
Do not argue with me. I am an expert in hotness.

Along the same vein, I had already discovered Grey’s Anatomy and it continues to be my new favorite show.

New Discovery:
One word: McSteamy.
No wait…four words: McSteamy in a towel.
Wait…seven words: McSteamy in a towel surrounded by steam.

Classic. Classic writing from Shonda Rhymes. Can I get an AMEN please?!

I discovered that America does not know how to vote for dancing shows because Allison and Travis were not in the final two and Jerry Springer did not get kicked off in the second round.

But sometimes, one finds themselves discovering certain things on a deeper level. And for that…their life will never be the same.

Let me explain.

July 2006. I was introduced to the World Cup by my work colleague Carolina. I had never experienced a World Cup in my life. It was extremely foreign to me that my dear Colombian-born friend would post the scores on her office door, updating for an ENTIRE MONTH. I would hear her whoop and holler for her teams (she had several) declaring “Sí se puede!” (YES IT CAN BE DONE) with each passing game.

One day, we decided to eat lunch in our conference room and Carolina flipped on Telemundo to watch the game. England was playing. Which means, of course, David Beckham was playing. Yes I had heard of David Beckham and even seen “Bend It Like Beckham” before. But for some odd reason, I had never realized the beauty that is David Beckham.

Sí se puede indeed.

Carolina was kind enough to introduce me to her “football” world including Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo and Italy’s Alessandro Del Piero. But I think life changed when I discovered the wonder that is Freddie Ljungberg of Sweden. If you don’t believe me…ask Calvin Klein. He’s their new model.

Tonight is a new discovery for us all. We will meet The Roman Bachelor for the first time. Will we be able to stomach the high-pitched screams when he enters a room? Will we be able to not hide our faces in embarrassment when half of the girls get sloshed at the meet-n-greet welcome party? Will we be able to sit through one hour of Bachelor days of yore before getting to the core of our new Roman adventure?

Sí se puede my friends…sí se puede.


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