Six degrees of melba toast

Fact:  I’ve asked Hare to share my web address (on several occasions) with all my ABC peeps, including the intern, Psychotherapist, Gary the camera man and Cesar the limo driver. 

Fact:  On August 15, I announced that Jason Mesnick was Melba toast.  Clearly Jason reads my website because he made every effort to prove me wrong this season.  He mugged down with every girl, he got it on in a hot tub on numerous occasions, “fell in love” with two women, had a nervous break down after letting one go, proposed to the other one and then changed his mind. 

Fact:  Jason and Molly grace the cover of People magazine. 

Fact:  Melissa graces the floor of Dancing with the Stars

Fact:  Samantha Harris is the host of Dancing with the Stars.  She is also the spokesperson for an online campaign (, in which participants learn about eating healthier (or in my case entering the sweepstakes and win a trip to a resort and spa in Arizona.) 

And guess who the sponsor is? 

Old London Melba Toast.   

Coincidence?  I think not.  ABC is pimping The Bachelor everywhere…even when we don’t know it.  Creative geniuses!



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