Slink’s Links

Slink's Links

My links this week are very “hot guy” heavy. I didn’t think many of you would mind. Some of these images make me VERY happy. One in particular makes me think of the word chach. I’m sure you’ll figure it out immediately.

Have a wonderful weekend!

It was a big week for me at Entertainment Weekly due to the cancellation of Witches of East End. Apparently, supernatural fans everywhere are screaming in protest and they asked me to write about it! I guess they think I’m an expert since my main television recap deals with people screaming in protest all the time. MORE CHRIS HARRISON is my biggest complaint. But you knew that.

I also wrote for New Girl and the fall premiere of Covert Affairs last night. #clickclickclick

Click HERE to see how all the Mr. Darcy actors have been ranked. Is it silly to ask you to guess who make the number one spot?

Apparently my beloved Pacey and Riggins were together in the same room at the GQ Gentlemen’s Ball. 1. I deserve an invitation to this party. 2. Insert Lincee here.

Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged. I recently was charmed by this man when I discovered Sherlock. Then I cyber-stalked him like any normal person. This is my favorite article I’ve ever read featuring my favorite sleuth.

The Farmer’s promo is out and it involves corn. Facebook has a clear video. But you can get the general feel from the video below. I can’t wait to discuss this!


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Creepy creepy promo. Poor Chris and the exploitation of Iowa.


What the? Was this supposed to be funny or avant garde or just weird? Don’t like it. Don’t, don’t, don’t like any of it


I agree that was a really creepy promo…lets hope that’s not a sign of things to come.

On a positive note, loved the link to the list of Darcy’s. I’m a Huge Austen fan and I agree with Anna’s list 100%. I was also pleasantly surprised that Death at Pemberley was good. My only issue was that they made sure they squeezed every character from the book into it along with new ones which would be hard to follow if you’re not a fan that has read the book and seen every movie version ten times.


Now, that clip of Chris is just so very “corny”. Poor guy..I feel bad for him already.

Lyn from Denver err Loveland
Lyn from Denver err Loveland

Ugh… why do that to such a decent man?


Seriously. This clip/Promo whatever is bizarre and creepy. With that I cannot wait until January