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Happy Friday y’all! And have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend while you enjoy these fun stories, videos and pics:

This is one of the most honest wedding invitations you may ever receive.

Jimmy Fallon is a smart, talented, funny dude.

My new friend Michelle (fellow colleague over at Entertainment Weekly) posted pictures of her family recreating photos from a vacation taken at Disney World almost ten years before. If you haven’t done this, you must. Visit the link at the end of her post to see why this idea has epic possibilities.

I’m not sure if this meteor shower will have the same hubbub at the blood moon a few weeks ago, but I’m still going to be standing outside in my robe looking at the sky tonight. The neighbors need something to talk about.

This dance will forever be saved on my DVR.

Slink’s Links

When I was in fourth grade, I won the Citizen Bee award and was called up to the podium in front of the entire school. Of course the principal looked at my uniquely spelled name and enthusiastically instructed “Linky Ray” to join her on stage. I looked around for the foreign exchange student who was lucky enough to win such a prestigious award and was quickly ushered out of my seat by my teacher.

Needless to say, Linky stuck through high school, morphed into Slinky and was later shortened to Slink. To this day, a handful of people call me Slink, including my high school friend Julie, my niece and everyone standing around my niece at any given moment because she has never heard of this stranger named Lincee.

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Emily Roach
Emily Roach
May 23, 2014 1:45 pm

So, comments on THE DANCE… I think Adam probably looked like a Chmerkovskiy, because that had to be God’s original plan for a man before the fall. During the Olympics, I never really bought that Meryl and Charlie were really just friends, and if they were, it wasn’t mutual. Then I googled it, and it turned out that he has a longtime girlfriend. But see his face when she’s dancing that last dance with Maks? I have no idea of either Maks or Meryl’s spiritual standing, but the Garth Brooks song “Unanswered Prayers” comes to mind. That, and a lot… Read more »

May 24, 2014 11:42 pm

“There’s good, there’s great, and there’s Meryl.”

Part of me wants them to get married, but the other part of me is NOOOOO he’s a man whore, Meryl. Don’t do it!

May 27, 2014 1:50 pm

Box of Lies may be the best game ever. Especially when played with Jennifer Lawrence. Absolutely magical!

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