Slink’s Links

Slink's Links

It’s been a big writing week for me. Ironically, only one post ended up on my website. The good news is that I’m going to post more frequently in the future. The bad news is that starts next week. I trust you like the fresh layout of IHGB, and I hope you’ll enjoy where the writing takes you in the coming months. It will be an amazing journey that we can all take together. Do not expect a rose ceremony.

I think the the obvious first link should be the “shocking” announcement of Andi and Josh’s split. Here’s what I wrote in Tuesday’s recap:

Josh and Andi pretend to still be in love, but are secretly counting down the days until their ABC-mandated contract gives them permission to officially break up.

I had no idea they would choose to break my social media outlets and inbox by announcing their split union so soon! That was bold. I guess ABC gave them the green light since they have Des and Chris on deck to get married this month.

Does everyone remember the famous best friend nappers Theo and Beau? Well they’ve added a new sister into the mix and it’s cuteness overload!

Here are 21 books you need to read before they debut as movies in 2015.

Justin Bieber is the new face/abs of Calvin Klein. I prefer the original.

My friend Amy sent me this video of a Disney tourist trying to one-up Gaston. Can you guess which part made me swoon the most?


Amy and I can confirm that he’s roughly the size of a barge.

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay warm out there!


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