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I know what you are all thinking and the answer is YES! The genius Saved by the Bell skit is featured in this week’s Slink’s Links. Not only was it hilarious, but I found myself mesmerized by Kelly Kapowski’s inability to age. She looked EXACTLY the same. I giggled the entire time. Well done Fallon. Well done.

Do you find yourself always needing a really good comeback for rudeness? Let Jane Austen help.

My Entertainment Weekly shows were on point this week! In other news, “on point” is a phrase all the kids are using nowadays. You get that for free here on IHGB!

HERE is Hart of Dixie. Wade is shirtless. You are welcome.
HERE is Glee. You need to know the name Noah Guthrie.
HERE is New Girl. I could rock a swuit.
HERE is The Big Bang Theory. SHAMY FOREVER!

Gawker put together a list of the 50 Best First Lines of books. As a writer, I found it extremely interesting. And a little weird. And sometimes scary. But I found my way back to interesting by the end, so we’re good.

Last, but not least, I was one point away from a perfect score on this Centerstage quiz. And the one I missed, I blame on Cooper Nielsen.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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