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Fun fact: Did you know that Valentine’s Day is the FOURTH “candiest” holiday celebrated in America? Halloween is first, which makes a ton of sense. October is when I stock up on candy corn and orange colored Oreos. Easter is second, because of the wonder that is the Cadbury Creme Egg and baby blue colored Oreos. And Christmas lands in third place with its holiday themed M&Ms and red colored Oreos. In my research, I’ve learned that 40 MILLION boxes of chocolates will be sold this week in preparation for the big day. Conversation hearts are the most popular of the regular candies, which I don’t get because I think they taste like Pepto-Bismol.

I’ve collected a few links to help you prepare for the big day! Enjoy!

Confused about what to buy a guy during Valentine’s Day? Here are some fun ideas!

Are you budget conscious this year? Here’s some do-it-yourself ideas from Pinterest.

If you’re going to be watching a movie this weekend, here are 33 romantic comedies that even guys should like!

Does cupid’s lack of arrow slinging gotcha down? Fear not. I found a list of Anti-Valentine’s Day memes that will make your day.

Do you need a list of things to read while you sit on the couch mad at your significant other because they forgot about Valentine’s Day? See below!

New Girl: Valentine’s Day pub crawl!
Hart of Dixie: Warning: Wade is not shirtless…
Glee: Burt Bacharach. Need I say more?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Eat a gigantic Hersey’s kiss for me!


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