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This has been a FULL week and it’s going to continue into the weekend. I’ve been so busy, that I just now had time to sit down and give the Saturday Night Live 40 Year Special its proper dues. Since I was so thoroughly entertained, I decided to dedicate this week’s links to my favorite parts of the show. Enjoy!

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have no problem memorizing sketches. The end.

I adore Steve Martin, and was thrilled to see him in the opening monologue. Let’s play “Count the Celebrities!”

Celebrity Jeopardy has always been one of my favorite skits. Each and every time!

And Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler digital short? Yes please!

I should also note that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were at the Weekend Update desk with Stefon, Betty White made out with Bradley Cooper, Maya Rudolph channeled Beyonce and Martin Short got caught up in her “traveling wind,” Wayne and Garth dropped by with a Top 10 and Jerry Seinfeld conducted a Q&A session with all the celebrities who were in the audience.

But in the end, Jimmy Fallon’s charm and humble attitude won me over. HERE he is talking about the after party and his epic night. Love him!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Stay warm out there for those of you in the north!


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Your favs list included all of mine. I will also add the Super Bass-O-Matic by Dan Ackroyd.
Jimmy Fallon is my favorite entertainer. He is multi-talented and, yet, also seems so humble. His parents did a good job! He and Justin T. doing anything together = brilliance!