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The birds are chirping, the sun is shining (somewhere tropical I assume) and I just scored a box of miniature Cadbury Creme Eggs. SPRING HAS ARRIVED! Let’s celebrate by clicking on some fun links!

For someone who claims to have her finger on the pulse of pop culture, I have not mastered Google Feud yet. But I will.

Only 280-ish more days until season 4 of Sherlock! For those who need a Benedict Cumberbatch fix in the meantime, here you go! Bonus: He’s with a couple of puppets. Go ahead and click that link. You know you want to.

Jimmy Fallon is my spirit animal. Pair him with Ben Stiller and you have a thousand giggles in the span of two minutes. Enjoy.

This link is AMAZING. The author proves that if you grew up in the early ’80s, it’s a miracle you are still alive. I personally relate to numbers 28, 36 and 40.

Here’s a slow motion celebration for the return of Undateable! Hooray! Here’s a link to my recap for Entertainment Weekly. I heart Justin and would hip-hop abs with him any day of the week. CALL ME JUSTIN!


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