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I’m still in North Dakota. Bonus—I’m pretty sure I have shingles. Hooray!

Here are some links to get you through to the day. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Chris Pratt is unstoppable to me. I heart him and his kid. And I love America. So, this is the best video, basically, ever made.

This post is a bit older, but I was intrigued by a new Japanese closet clean-out method sweeping the nation (read: sweeping six months ago). I’m definitely going to try it. I understand that I will be left with four articles of clothing, but I’m willing to make that sacrifice.

Y’all—edible gummy LEGOs. Why does this make me so happy?

Songs of the summer, ranked, since 1985. Hello afternoon reading material! Some of the positioning is questionable in my opinion, but still a stellar list. Do we have a summer 2105 song yet? Has that been deemed? Remember when you couldn’t get “Call Me Maybe” out of your head? Doesn’t that seem like yesterday? Are the shingles making me type a string of questions at you like a fool? We may never know.

Do you watch America’s Got Talent? Me too! And I’m covering it for Entertainment Weekly! Check out my recap HERE.

I also wrote a review for Big Mama’s book Nobody’s Cuter Than You. It was WONDERFUL. I read it in five seconds and then read it again. Trust me on this one.




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