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Happy Friday! Raise your hand if you’re ready for the weekend? ME ME ME! I’m looking forward to celebrating a dear friend at her wedding on Saturday. I’ve already warned her what I’ll do if her deejay plays “Single Ladies.” If that happens—there WILL be a blog post. Enjoy!

In hindsight, it’s probably best that I didn’t stumble upon this story several weeks ago. Otherwise, Lindsay would be receiving a dwarf donkey as a wedding present. So. Cute.

Speaking of cute, here’s a post about puppies getting a bath for the first time. Come. On.

This is a sweet story about a mom who captured a special moment. Kindness overflows when you let it!

Center Stage is 15-years-old. It has aged well in my opinion. Even though a ton of girls were on team Cooper Nielson, I was always a fan of Charlie’s. I also wanted my own pair of red toe shoes. That never happened.

If you like America’s Got Talent, feel free to click here to read a recap of this week’s show. We are down to the judges’ cuts people. That means little kids are crying. Doesn’t that sound like fun entertainment?

Happy weekend! See you Monday!


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I was TOTALLY team Charlie too!!! And can I say I was very satisfied that she actually told Cooper off and ended up with Charlie at the end? Loved that. Justice indeed.

Now I want to go watch it again… For the billionth time…


I can’t believe anyone was team Cooper Nielson! Team Charlie all the way!!


Aw, Lindsay’s wedding! How was it? I’m sure she was a beautiful bride!