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Raise your hand if you’re tired this Friday afternoon? Raise your hand if you’re hot? Raise your hand if you’re tired of being hot? Me too. I feel that those of us living in Houston are reaching “surface of the sun” temperatures. When you walk to the car and a drop of sweat drips down your back, you know it’s time to embrace the inevitable sweat stains.

On that happy note, here are a few links to help take your mind off of the summer! Enjoy!

Speaking of heat, Lord please bless California with some rain! These pictures are so sad!

Need an excuse to stay indoors? Why not flip through the shows that are leaving Netflix in July? Let the binging begin!

Did you know that The Muppets will be on ABC this fall? I could not be happier. Especially after watching the pitch reel!

My Twitter friend @Mizbiz107 sent me a Tweet about a new Dance TV Network. All dance, all day? Yes please!

Did you miss my piece on the anniversary of Clueless? I’m celebrating by watching Ant Man tonight. Paul Rudd is my jam.

Welcome to Sweden is back! I think I’m the only one watching. And it’s only because I have to. Did I type that out loud?

But I DID cover Big Brother and people have A LOT to say about this show. I bet it stinks in that house.

America’s Got Talent is STILL going on. Here’s your recap. I’ll be covering this show for the rest of my days. Send cookies. And gummy things.


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SGT Cole
SGT Cole

It is so cool up here in Montana I wore a sweater until mid-day!


Glad you liked the dance article Lincee 🙂 I’m so excited to get a shoutout on Slink’s Links haha

SGT Cole – I am so jealous – ready for fall!

Maureen in PA
Maureen in PA

I am also SO excited for the Muppets!
It is so cool that you’re writing for Entertainment Weekly!! Girl, how do you do it all? That’s a lot of TV to watch and recaps to write! But you are great at it!! 🙂 You are so funny and a very gifted writer! Love your blog!!

Triple L
Triple L

Annnnndddddd…. Playing House Season 2 is back on Lincee!! Get excited!!!!! Love all the recaps and loved reading your last entry about asking the Lord to transform your heart. I could use that too! Thanks friend!