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Hello everyone! I hope your weekend is full of buying Halloween candy and making last-minute touches to those homemade costumes! Here are a few links to help you through the weekend. Enjoy!

Rumor has it that Ben Z. is quite the body builder. He’s lost a ton of weight and is flexing his way into the hearts of women everywhere. I wonder if his journey is the same being that tan and slathered in oil?

I adore this “Human Campaign” with Cameron Diaz. Make sure to check out the other videos too!

Do you like covered bridges as much as I do? Then this link is for you!

Every song from recent pop culture is probably written by one of these guys

I’m turning 40 in exactly 11 days. Help me to reach my goal of 40 random acts of kindness! If you need easy motivation, visit my friend Betty’s wish list on Amazon! She’s working in Rwanda and is in need a few essentials, such as Advil and Cheese-Its. Let’s make that happen for her!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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4 years ago

Hi Lincee – I went to Amazon to buy Betty a few things, but when I got to the check out, I wasn’t sure where to send the items. Her address wasn’t listed as an option. Suggestions? Thank you!

4 years ago
Reply to  Amy

I had the same issue as Amy. The only shipping option was my own address, or else I had to fill one in.

Shannon Oliver
4 years ago

Hey, Lincee! I was trying to contact you on your About/Contact page, but it wasn’t working. :-/ Is there any other way to get in touch so I can ask you a quick question? Thanks!

4 years ago

Am I the only one who finds Ben’s new body a bit scary? I feel like I would get cut on the sharp edges of his hips and abs.

4 years ago

Sean, I am amazed at the Memorial Tree Garden and your coimmtment and dedication to this wonderful project. As a member of Hays Hills, I want to say thank you for all your hard work and tell you how much I appreciate having such a beautiful place to go to for prayer, reflection, and meditation. May God be praised and my His blessings be upon you.Tim Snowden

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