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The weather outside, here in Houston, is frightful. It’s 80-degrees.

I just pulled out my old box fan because I started literally sweating in the kitchen making microwave fudge. How did that happen? The stove wasn’t even on! I keep pots and pans in there.

While I try to lower my body temperature, here are a few of my favorite holiday episodes from some of my favorite television shows. Enjoy and have a productive and joyful weekend!

Every TV episode list should begin with Friends. I’m making that an official rule. For all my Jewish friends, say hello to the Holiday Armadillo.

I can’t wait for Will & Grace to arrive on Netflix or Hulu or somewhere where I can binge the crap out of it. Will, Jack and Karen caroling at the Palace is one of my favorites.

Keeping with my NBC theme, here is one from The Office.

You have to watch Schmidt’s expression at the end of this New Girl clip. Max Greenfield totally breaks and it’s awesome!

There’s sooooo much going on in this Hart of Dixie clip that I love. The declaration of love. The sudden kiss. The sweet smile. And that little bit of sarcasm at the end. Y’all know that’s my sweet spot!

I ranked my favorite holiday episodes from Big Bang Theory last week for Entertainment Weekly. Number one is THE BEST. Period.

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4 years ago

Love the Hart of Dixie clip. I’ve started re-watching it from start to finish. There are so many sweet & funny moments that I either missed or forgot since watching it “live”.
I swear the gazebo is a transplant from Stars Hollow.

4 years ago

Lincee – had a rough morning then stopped by here and laughed my way into a better mood. A better day even! Thank you for that!!!

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