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Houston temperatures have finally reached the surface of the sun. We are all melting down here. Truly. It feels like a sauna when you walk outside. Please FedEx ice cream and slushy drinks from Sonic.

In other news, I just sent free screening passes to my newsletter peeps. If you had no idea I had a newsletter, don’t feel bad — I haven’t had it long. Just the 13 years I’ve been blogging. No big deal.

I’m kidding. It’s been up since January. I’ve been using the list to give away free stuff. I’ll also use it to send excerpts from my book, as well as asking the audience to be guinea pigs for fun future things. Therefore, if you are one of those people who likes to freely give your opinion, please sign-up!

If you could care less about any of that, feel free to peruse these links as you count down the minutes until it’s the freakin’ weekend. Enjoy!

Know the dangers when it comes to binge watching. The struggle is real.

Here’s everything you need to know about Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Break out the Kleenex. This is a sweet video of a girl receiving an American Girl Doll.

How do we feel about HiddleSwift?

How do we feel about Ben and Lauren’s spin-off? ON THE FREEFORM CHANNEL???

If you aren’t watching Rock This Boat, I beg you to start doing so now. NKOTB forever.


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Laura Jean

You have an e-mail newsletter?! Signing up tonight!

SGT Cole
SGT Cole

I mowed the lawn in a sweater here in Montana yesterday.


Yes, fellow Houstonian here who feels your pain. Love your blog since I’m obsessed with The Bachelor and your recaps are hilarious 🙂