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It’s the freakin’ weekend and I have one question for y’all: What are we going to do now that the Olympics are over? Truly. I have no idea. The only thing I have to offer are these links. God bless the USA and enjoy!

Okay, one quick Olympic-themed link. Did you see the winners of the rhythmic gymnastics team? Hoops and batons EVERYWHERE!

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are in a new movie. I agree with this article. I’m confused because I have no idea what the film is about. But I do know I love these two so darn much. I also believe in romance and need more romantic movies in this world. Thoughts?

Speaking of romance, how good does this new show (on my beloved CW) called No Tomorrow look? It has my boy Galavant in it!

Did you know there was a Wizard of Oz theme park that is no longer in service? Is it creepy or cool?

Finally! Now I know how to fold that pesky fitted sheet!

I wrote a review for Amy Schumer’s new book. It’s honest, crude, funny and I hid behind my couch cushion reading most of it. In short, it’s everything you would expect from Amy Schumer. Proceed with caution.

I also wrote the Bachelor in Paradise recap for Entertainment Weekly. Some readers thought I wasn’t myself, and I get that. There were some inside jokes that wouldn’t translate to the masses. But it was a definitely a bucket list moment that I checked off and I’m super proud!

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4 years ago

No Tomorrow looks good, but if they are setting it up as “the people who brought you JANE THE VIRGIN and CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND” then I am IN because those shows are amazing.

Laura Jean
4 years ago

I thought your Entertainment Weekly recap was just great! Of course you had to be a bit different because it was for a different audience. Realistically, if anyone read this blog for a while, they’d see you in all your personality shining through despite the slight edit. No big deal – I would never write in the style of my blog as I would with one of my college lit papers. It’s still me, but a different audience and a different purpose, even if the content was the same. As for “La La Land,” I really hope it’s good because… Read more »

4 years ago

Lindsey, I am slightly obsessed with abandoned places. The Wizard of Oz park is here in North Carolina and they open it up once a year.
If you have not heard of Seph Lawless, OMG. He is an awesome photographer and travels to abandoned places and takes the most hauntingly beautiful pictures.

Take care! I love your site (even though I do actually really like green beans!)


4 years ago

I thought your Entertainment Weekly recap was great!

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