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Who has two thumbs and it excited about the weekend? THIS GIRL! Here are some fun stories to get you to quitting time. Enjoy!

Here is a Disney Princess version of The Bachelor. This makes me love Mulan. Did you hear me? LOVE HER. I typically don’t love her.

Ellen Degeneres and Tom Hanks had a Pixar-off and it was glorious.

I’m going to get this shirt for the presidential election. You should too.

Firefighters holding rescue puppies. That is all.

Did you ever want to eat dinner behind a waterfall? Well now you can.



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Ok, that Disney princesses clip was hilarious!


I loved Prince Charmong’s reaction to Ariel walking out! Awesome!
I neeeeeeed that shirt! And I love Tom Hanks and Ellen. That was genius…thanks Lincee.


Fire Fighters holding puppies just WOW..


Hey, I’ve eaten at the waterfall in the Philippines! I do have to say it was really hard to walk with your plate of food on the slippery rocks and with fish swimming everywhere. The food was good Philippine fare.