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Raise your hand if you’re ready for the weekend? Is it just me, or did the beginning of the year swiftly morph into mid-January? Before we know it, swimsuit season will be back. Well, in Houston’s case, swimsuit season is back. It’s currently 71-degrees outside. It’s a good thing I started doing push-ups 12 days ago to prep for sleeveless tops. I’m also planking in my spare time. Fingers cross I’ll get to 45-seconds one of these days. Yay for goals in 0-1-7!

PS: I’m trying to make 0-1-7 a thing. Pass it along and enjoy these links:

The folks over at imgur morphed all 30 of The Bachelor contestants to make one stunning girl. The results are pretty cool. In fact, I think I know that girl. Isn’t she already on the show?

Speaking of Bachelor, here’s some facts about the mansion that you may not know.

Long-time IHGB reader Jill has a daughter who DROPPED AN ALBUM. Y’all, we are a talented group of people here! Check out Gracie Schram’s YouTube channel and make sure to listen to my favorite track “You Are My Sunshine.”

Did you see the twin sisters reunite on Good Morning America? Have Kleenex close by.

There’s so much I love about this Ellen video. First of all, This Is Us is my favorite show. Second, Milo Ventimiglia is hotter than crap. Third of all, HE’S A MAN. Fourth of all, this was my favorite episode from the series thus far. Who’s watching? Do you think young Randall the cutest thing ever?

Happy weekend everyone!

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3 years ago

Young Randall is so cute but so Adult Randall’s youngest daughter Annie. I LOVE this show. So glad there is good television to watch!

3 years ago

I LOVE “This is Us”! It’s my fave too! I was so touched by both Jack’s and Rebecca’s willingness to privately do something very unpleasant for the good of the family, trying to not burden the other spouse.

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