Slink’s Links – Father’s Day Edition

Hang in there, dear reader. You’re almost to the weekend. It’s so close you can imagine yourself basking in the 90+ degree heat. Wait, is that just Houston where you feel like your walking through the steam of a hot bowl of soup when you go outside?

Please send air conditioning units. Thank you.

It’s Father’s Day this weekend. I thought I might offer ideas for presents or entertainment for dear old dad. You have a solid chance scoring some of these gifts with so little shopping time left.

Good Housekeeping has a pretty good gift guide that won’t break the bank. Consider yourself lucky. My dad asked for a John Deere tractor. Do you think he’ll be disappointed in the flip flops and Old Navy royal blue t-shirt he’s getting?

My friend Melanie Shankle wrote a beautiful piece about fathers on You might need a Kleenex.

Entertainment Weekly has a list of fun dad-related movies to stream!

If you’re not listening to Knox and Jamie’s Popcast, you need to stop everything and start downloading. In their latest episode, they have a discussion about the best pop culture dads.

People has a list of Father’s Day books that cover a multitude of interests. Although I haven’t read many, the list does look intriguing!

Speaking of books, if you haven’t submitted your suggestions for the IHGB Book List, you still have time! Simply email me at or leave your recommendations HERE in this post.

Happy weekend, everyone!