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I have no idea how it is already November. Where did 2017 go? Before you know it, I’ll be eating turkey and then helping Mama put a Santa Claus or snowman on anything that stands still in her house.

And then February 6 will roll around and I might start hyperventilating. At this point, I feel my butt will never unclenched.

While I freak out over time flying at the speed of light, why don’t you enjoy some of these links before you call it a day and head into the weekend.

Happy November!

The CMA Awards were last night. Here are some highs and lows.
High: In Memorandum.
Low: Garth Brooks lip syncing.
Me: Try and keep your head toward the mic next time and don’t open your mouth so wide.

InStyle lists 27 things agents travel with when they go on an airplane. I figure one bag is for all the stuff on this list and another bag is for necessities!

HOW HAVE WE NOT TALKED ABOUT THE LIVE VERSION OF THE LION KING YET? Queen Bey is in this, people. Buckle up. Naaaaaaaaaccchhhhhheeeeeeeebbbbbbeeeeeeeeennnnnnno00000000000!

Did you ever wish there was a ranking of all the shirtless men in Marvel movies? Well wish no more. Also, you’re welcome.

I’m writing for a couple of shows on Entertainment Weekly. This guy got REALLY mad at me on Twitter because I don’t understand the intricate workings of the DC multiverse, thanks to a recap I did on The Flash. He campaigned to have me fired. Luckily, that didn’t happen.

Happy weekend!


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