Slink’s Links: Mother’s Day

There are only a few more days until Mother’s Day. Have you scheduled that massage? Ordered those flowers? Made that reservation?

Me neither. But I have researched fun Mother’s Day links to get you through the rest of your Friday. Enjoy!

(PS: I celebrated Mama and my sister last weekend. I’m totally cool on that front!)

Here’s a list of the best TV moms. I am familiar with almost all of them. Is that a good thing or a sad thing?

Not to be overlooked, here’s a ranking of the best movie moms according to AMC. Let the record show that I do NOT know all of these women, and am unsure about who exactly was doing the ranking…

Speaking of movies, here’s a list of movies to watch with your mother over the weekend. Please review these movies’ plots if you are unfamiliar. There’s no way I would watch Knocked Up with my own mother.

And my favorite link: Mother’s Day gift FAILS!

Finally, if you didn’t watch The Big Bang Theory last night, you should. Something BIG happened!


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