So Many of the Things!

Has it hit you yet?

It hit me this week. I looked up and noticed that somehow, Thanksgiving is practically here. Which means the holidays are sort of here. Which means my book is about to be here. Oh happy day!


When you write a book nowadays, I’m told it’s super fun if you have a launch team. These people receive the book early and get all sorts of fun extra stuff in the weeks leading up to the day the book drops. Since I personally love to read early manuscripts and would never turn down a free gift, I decided that I wanted to jump on this bandwagon myself because it sounds so fabulous.

First dibs goes to those who are on my mailing list. They will have 48 hours to sign-up and then it will open to everyone! If you aren’t on the list, and you’d like to be, simply click HERE! Otherwise, stay tuned for future instructions.

I was also a guest on Corine Sandifer’s podcast “Rising Stories” this week. She interviews business owners and authors to discuss best practices and principles. Of course Corine and I talked about my writing and Why I Hate Green Beans, yet somehow managed to land in a conversation about Disney World where we discuss our favorite Disney dessert. Can you guess what it is? You can listen to the entire interview HERE or find it on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. I had such a great time!

I’ll also have a great time (I’m CONFIDENT) when I speak at the women’s Christmas brunch at Faith Bible Church in The Woodlands, TX on December 2. I’d love to see you there!

In other great times and podcast news, I recorded one with my friend Stephanie about the movie Shag. In our intro, we go on and on about how no one but us has ever seen this movie. W-R-O-N-G! So many of you have corrected me with your own tales of how you love this film, that I feel like we need to start a club or something. That would be the MOST fun!

Finally, thank you to everyone who submitted holiday traditions on Monday’s giveaway. Congratulations to IHGB reader Holly for winning her very own copy of The Star soundtrack!

Happy weekend everyone! Now go out there and buy some turkey and rolls for Thanksgiving dinner!


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