So refreshing

A few weeks ago when I was home, I decided to get a cold drink from the back refrigerator.  You know…the old one that is a lovely shade of avocado and only houses ice cream, canned drinks and big serving pieces of food during Thanksgiving and bridal showers?

Except when you live in the country, you might find other things.

You see at my parents’ house, the ice cold drinks are nestled up against Styrofoam containers of bait.  That’s right people.  Worms are living next to the Diet Pepsi and whatever mystery is hiding in the orange Tupperware container from 1975.

Which reminds me…does anyone from the south drink Diet Pepsi?  No.  But my Mama does.  We don’t know why.  If she could buy Tab in bulk, I’m sure she would.  And I can guarantee she wishes the Diet 7Up was Fresca.

And why is the lemon icebox pie BEHIND the worms?  Seriously?  Can’t we put it on the empty shelf below and move the SECOND crate of worms up top with the tainted caffeine?

This picture is just all sorts of wrong.  And that includes the fact that the Dr Pepper seems to be missing even though Diet Pepsi is annoyingly abundant.  Heaven forbid that I drink water at the realization.  I’m pretty sure I washed the lemon pie down with a banana daiquiri.

It’s important to stay healthy and get four to six servings of fruit daily.


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