Some of the Women Tell All

Top 10 Moments of Women Tell All

1. Lisa: “I’m not as crazy as I appear to be.”
2. Agnes: “If Lorenzo like Erica…please…don’t like me.”
3. Jami: “You are such a bitch Erica. Dayum.
4. Erica: “I’m perfect the way I am, so I’m going to give myself a rose.”
5. Chach: “I think it’s a cow’s penis.”
6. Our Host Chris Harrison: “That was a terrible woody.”
7. Erica: “Jami is loud, drinks beer and rides bulls…she should be with a cowboy or football player.”
8. Sarah: “We all knew you were a Bachelor whore, but did you have to wear the wedding dress?”
9. Drunk Kim: “Hey…at least I went down in history!” (Blasphemy!)
10. Our Host Chris Harrison to Agnes: “I see you are shaking your head, but do you understand anything they are saying? Bless your heart.”

Was Chris giving me a secret shout out? I’m going with yes!

All about the shame, not the fame,



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