Stuff chicks do

Remember a few months ago when fellow Bachelor blogger DP over at Guy in Austin filled in for me with a stellar male perspective on the reality show we all love to hate?  DP’s blog is typically reserved for Bachelor seasons.  I would email often and tell him that his fans want to know what he thinks about Jake on Dancing with the Stars and encouraged him to at least write three sentences.

I think he responded something back about hell freezing over or pigs flying.

I would send him detailed descriptions pulled from my posts, pics of Jake’s white-man-overbite and even a few YouTube clips, including the Risky Business intro we’d all love to erase from our memories.

I’m proud to say that because of my persistence and unwillingness to let this go, The Guy in Austin is back to blogging before the new season begins.

I take full responsibility.

Instead of wasting two hours of precious space on his DVR recording DWTS, DP has decided to go above and beyond with his own personal writing assignment.  He’s stepping out of his comfort zone.  He’s pushing the envelope and taking one for the team!

He’s a mixture of crazy and awesome is what he is…

DP has decided for the next four weeks, he’s going to participate in activities that are typically reserved for girls.  That’s right readers.  He’s going to do stuff chicks like.  And then use his wit and humor to write about his experience.

Think manicure/pedicure.  Highlights.  Cooking classes.  Antiquing.  Pilates.  Anything that a woman loves to do…he’s willing to give it a shot.

The best part is that he’s taking suggestions.  Do you realize how much power we have people?  It’s brilliant!  Let’s all go over and suggest something in the comment section.  Or you can email him.  Try to stay away from suggestions like wearing a bra or high heels for a day.  Think normal girly stuff that we all love to do and dudes just don’t understand.

My suggestion will probably be to get three guy friends (who are willing) to go see Sex and the City 2 on opening weekend, making sure to four seats in a row together…no buffer seat in between.  That has girl written ALL OVER IT.  Plus, his post would be highly entertaining and it doesn’t make him look like a complete chach for the most part.

Make your voices heard and make me proud.  No matter what activities he chooses, the entertainment value is going to be extraordinary.

Think of the possibilities!  Let me know in my comment section what you suggested for his comment section.  My Sex and the City idea is good, right?


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