Super Sunday

Super Bowl

Everyone knows that best part about Super Bowl Sunday is the food. Then the commercials, with the actual game taking third place. I am the PERFECT audience for Super Bowl commercials, because I laugh easily and I cry easily.

There are TONS of commercials that I have grown to love over the years. Betty White playing football in the Snickers commercial was brilliant. Anything Pepsi does is memorable, making me give the soft drink another try, and concluding each year that it’s disgusting. Budweiser can slay me using only a trio of frogs, or some friends saying, “Whhhhaaaattttzzzzzuuuuuuuppppp.” Sure the Apple commercial from the ’80s freaked me out, but I’m still talking about it decades later. That’s good advertising people!

If I had to give my top three, I would probably pick the following. Here are my heartstrings, corporate America. PLUCK AWAY.


Darth Vadar

God Made the Farmer

I’d love to hear your favorites. Sound off in the comments section!


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