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The oldies station

I recently overheard a young girl refer to Houston’s local Lite-FM-Easy-Listening-Safe-For-Work radio station as “oldies.” I chuckled under my breath, blessed her sweet heart in my mind and fought hard not to turn around and lecture her on pop music nowadays and how it’s fundamentally impossible for me to believe that Ludacris and Pitbull can be featured in so many songs. I was also a touch annoyed by the way

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Throwing back Thursdays

The “Throwback Thursday” phenomenon is something I’ve been doing for a long time. Except I called it “So There I Was” which is an equally awesome name. Once I posted this picture: It was an epic hair day that I thought needed to be immortalized on the World Wide Interweb. Read all about it by clicking HERE. I never expected in a million years to receive no less that 40

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