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Bachelor Clare Recap: Dale, Yeah!

Bachelorette Clare RecapEpisode 3 On last week’s podcast (episode #185), Some Guy in Austin said that he questioned Clare’s faculties. In the spirit of U2, I stood up for her in the name of love.  At first, Clare handles herself normally as Yosef shares that he felt disrespected on his group date and is equally appalled by the humiliating act of naked dodgeball. When confirmed that he was ashamed to

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Bachelorette Hannah Recap: Fantasy Suites

As the episode wrapped with Bachelorette Hannah flipping off the rejection SUV that carried Luke into the onset of a tropical storm, I took a moment to marvel at the two-hour spectacular which will forever be known in Bachelor Nation as “the windmill episode.”  Never have I gasped at the television so ardently or wavered in my ability to pick a lane as to which suitor I think will win

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Bachelorette Hannah Recap: Straddle Time

Y’all, I’ve come up with a theory that I think might shock you. Please don’t tell me if I’m right, because I don’t do spoilers and I’d rather be surprised (read: disappointed) in real time, the way Our Host Chris Harrison intended. I think Luke might take this all the way. Or at least to the fantasy suites. I’ve been touting “producer’s pick” here and on the podcast for weeks.

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Bacheorette Hannah Recap: 40 Minutes of Drama

I am a professional Bachelor franchise recapper. Since 2003, I have settled in front of my television to watch someone’s journey to find love. There are definitely highs. There are certainly lows. I scream. I rejoice. I once did a little dance.  I’ve learned what’s attractive (kiss up against the wall) and what’s not (calling yourself ABC), but never in my sixteen years of doing this have I been somewhat

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IHGB Podcast #106: Hannah’s Chach Parade

Hello everyone! Well, we are back in Bachelor mode, and if you are a fan of the show, you probably know that the bios of Hannah Bama’s men dropped this week. Some Guy in Austin joins me and for the first time ever, he has neither researched nor looked at the bios provided by ABC. We get his knee-jerk reaction to Hannah’s suitors, which was a brave decision on my part. I’ve never

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