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Bachelorette JoJo recap: Don’t cry for her, Bachelor Nation

Bachelorette JoJo recap: Don’t cry for her, Bachelor Nation We may never know whether Argentina was crying over football star Messi or Bachelor Nation’s infiltration into their country. It’s as if producers took well-known stereotypes and infused it with a dose of Mike Fleiss. Everyone wears leather. JoJo dresses like a sultrier version of Evita, minus the bun. Performance art takes the slip-n-slide to another level and men’s pants have

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Bachelorette JoJo recap: Beware of the plastics

Bachelorette JoJo Recap: Episode 5: It never occurred to me that The Chad’s absence would create a big hole in the drama department on our favorite show. At first I had high hopes that he would throw a punch after discovering his roommates sprinkle precious grains of protein powder at a memorial service on his behalf. That didn’t happen. I also expected a chainsaw or some blood with all the

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Bachelorette JoJo recap: Bring on the meat sweats

Bachelorette JoJo Recap: Episode 2 — I believe that every season of The Bachelorette needs a bad guy. I also get that villains gotta vil. What I don’t understand is why show runners think we want to watch two hours of said villain, villing between working out and eating copious amounts of meat. The Chad is a luxury d-bag. Anyone who modifies his CrossFit routine by shoving large jugs of

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Bachelorette JoJo recap: Damn Daniel

Bachelorette JoJo Recap: Damn Daniel Season 12 has officially kicked off with a parade of jack wagons who will be vying for JoJo’s love and affection. Show producers cast a wide net and came back with 25 men who almost all look the same. Get ready, people. Floppy hair, facial scruff, forearm tats and skinny jeans are this season’s denim panties. How will our bachelorette keep them all straight? In

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A look back on Bachelorette JoJo

Bachelorette JoJo is back and eager to find love! Her hair is highlighted, her neckline is plunging and her denim panties are on standby, ready to make an appearance this season. Here’s to the journey! For those of you who may need a little refresher course on the wonder that is JoJo, I’ve compiled a few paragraphs from last season’s recaps to help you remember why Mike Fleiss rallied around

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