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Bachelor Franchise GOAT: Sean Lowe

The year was 2013. Vines were filled with people Harlem Shak-ing. North West was no longer just a direction. The “Red Wedding” broke the interwebs. And Sean Lowe was introduced as the main event to season 17 of The Bachelor. ABCs decision to air old episodes of previous seasons is an interesting one. Squishing twenty hours worth of journeying to find love into a succinct three hour snippet is a

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Bachelor Mesnick Recap: Jason and Molly are Married!

Once upon a time, there was a handsome single dad from Seattle who was looking for love and searching for a soulmate. He found his true love, dumped her on TV, and asked Molly to marry him. What a love story. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. According to Harrison, this is the wedding that America has been waiting for! Seriously. I didn’t make that part up. He actually said that

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Bachelor Mesnick Finale Recap: Just Kidding

It’s been an interesting season to say the least.  The most dramatic for sure.  I shall miss the ramblings of Stalker Shannon, the carefree wardrobe choices from Stephanie, and words of bleach blond wisdom from Natalie.  This show single handedly brought back neck scarves, side pony tails and hula hoops.  What other reality show can say that?  So where do I stand with the conclusion?  Let me assure you, I’ll

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Bachelor Mesnick Recap: Women Tell All

The “Women Tell All” episode is notorious for being a great big build up that results in a mediocre night of stuff we already knew or didn’t really care about.   Therefore, I’m going to keep with my WTA tradition and stick with what I do best: making lists! Oh if I had a colored highlighter for every number, I would be a happy camper! 20 Most Memorable Discoveries/Moments of “The Women

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Bachelor Mesnick Recap: And Then There Were Two

Netflix is airing Jason Mesnick’s season and I couldn’t be more pleased. It was a season before high definition, black modesty boxes, and statement necklaces, but it was still glorious. Join me as we walk down an eleven-year-old Memory Lane into the dramatic tales of Jason Mesnick and his journey to find love! Originally posted February 17, 2009 Jason Mesnick Season, Episode 7 Kudos to ABC for keeping me on my

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