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Unwilling to ‘Let it Go’

My niece is still obsessed with Frozen. Therefore, when I come to visit, I must be obsessed with Frozen. She’s watched the movie a billion times. She’s watched every video available on YouTube. She’s read every book published. Other than sitting on the opposite side of the bathroom door waiting for Addie to ask me if I want to build a snowman, what more can a person do? Why you

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Go Lobos

We’ve been waiting and waiting for my niece to sit up on her own, and she finally did!  It’s a milestone that should be celebrated with a fun new outfit.  And everyone knows that nothing says team spirit like an embroidered onesie and a matching tutu.  Go Lobos!     Of course this lasted five seconds before she started eating the tutu.  But to her defense, we were playing dress

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