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IHGB Podcast #97: Bachelor Colton Finale and Our New Bachelorette

Well, we finally reached the end of The Bachelor season. For those of you who were thinking “WHAT WAS THAT,” I feel your frustration. For others who are thinking “REJOICE! NEW TOPICS,” get ready for some fun episodes on TV, movies, and something special for the 100th episode coming up in a few weeks! But this episode is all about Colton’s journey to find someone he calls “future wife” with

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Bachelor Colton Finale: HE LIVES

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Except switch the word “best” with “boring” and you’ve got the first two hours of a two-part finale for Bachelor Colton’s season. At one point during the night, I looked away from the television and saw that only three of the eleven people in my watching party were actually paying attention to the show. Everyone else was on

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