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‘The Bachelor’ recap: Back in black boxes

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, I spent most of my time watching The Bachelor equally annoyed, mortified and as confused as a chameleon in a bag of Skittles. I understand that he came on board to specifically play the role of “comedian who specializes in making people uncomfortable,” but I found myself rolling my eyes more than hiding behind a couch cushion or laughing. His hosting stint majorly backfired on me

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Bachelor Farmer: Who will ride his tractor?

We interrupt my December holiday wish list posts for some breaking Bachelor Farmer news. ABC has finally posted the bios of 30 bachelorettes vying for the opportunity to secure a one-way ticket to LA, shake hands with Our Host Chris Harrison (lucky) and turn on the charm full force for the chance to be a Hot Farmer’s wife in Iowa. The website provides a quick glance of the ladies’ credentials

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5 Weeks to Prince Farming

I can’t believe I didn’t come up with Prince Farming last season. It is BRILLIANT and horrible at the same time. Everyone knows that’s my sweet spot. I guess I’ll have to stick with an old favorite: Hot Farmer. Let the countdown begin!