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20 Favorite Bachelor Finale Tweets

Bachelor Peter Finale Recap 2: Good-Bye Barb

As I mentioned in the Part 1 Bachelor Peter Finale post, I feel that this season finale was fabricated hype, except when it comes to Barbara Weber.  And I thought we had seen the worst of Babs. Boy was I wrong.  Our Host Chris Harrison greets us from the studio and makes sure to point out Kelley (who is not pregnant), Uncle Neil with his jewelry briefcase, and Peter’s parental

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Bachelor Peter Finale Recap: Hello Babs

Well, here we are, just one live show away from finally understanding why this season’s Bachelor is the thing unnecessarily hyped-up dreams are made of and I couldn’t be less interested in the outcome. I am, however, extremely interested in Babs.  It’s clear that Mike Fleiss detected from the moment Mrs. Peter Sr. stepped off of Australia Air flight 4532 decked out in a colorful strapless blouse, that she was

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Bachelor Peter Recap: The women tell each other off

Women Tell All is a strange phenomenon of a show. One might surmise that a DVR which touts 120-minuets of ladies sharing all the things is television just begging to be watched. One might be wrong.  The good news is that the producers set the bar really high with a theatrical rose ceremony worthy of our time and hearty helping of champagne. Is Madison going to join her fellow contestants

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Bachelor Peter Recap: Final Four

Let me tell you, I had a ball watching The Bachelor last night. Or should I say I had a ball watching the same promo for ten minutes after The Bachelor was over last night. We analyzed hair texture, nail color, outfits, headboards, street scenes, sweaters, footwear, and one silhouette for longer than I thought necessary. But the best part was the moment where a brunette woman is rolling horizontal

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