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IHGB #170: Listen To Your Winner

Well, after six weeks (which felt like the entire summer), my Listen To Your Heart dreams of Matt and Rudi falling in love during the season finale were dashed in the first fifteen minutes of the two-hour spectacle. Yet, we press on. In this episode Some Guy in Austin and I discuss the finer things from the finale. These include, but are not limited to: Chris Harrison in a tuxedoDan Plus ShayCoconut

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IHGB #168: Listen To Your Conscious

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for tuning in this week. We are down to four couples and when the end of the journey is no longer a dot in the distance, things get real. You learn who is in love, who’s faking it, and who wants this more than anyone else.  In this episode Some Guy in Austin and I continue to tackle some of the greatest questions surrounding this

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IHGB Podcast #158: Bachelor Peter the Pilot “Finale”

Well season 24 of The Bachelor has come to a close and Peter the Pilot found love, proposed to it, said JUST KIDDING, and waited for Chris Harrison to go fetch the real woman of his dreams so he could be friends with her for a while before deciding if he can break his mother’s heart by marrying this woman. Some Guy in Austin and I break down both nights

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IHGB Podcast #156: My Heart Will Go On

First off, I’d like to make a correction. During Moments with Mama, which is at the very very end of all my bachelor podcasts, Mother on more than one occasion borrows the term Fantasy Land. Using contest clues she either means the fantasy suite date or the actual fantasy suite. At one point we get a Fantasy Island. I feel it’s necessary to disclaim that this recap is in no

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IHGB Podcast #155: Blur Face

It’s home town dates and you know what that means! Drama.Weird family quirks. Mothers crying as if their child is returning from war. Plates of food, yet no one eats. The rolling of eyes.The dropping of L-bombs. And women with blurry faces who feel it is their need to set the record straight when they happen upon their ex-boyfriend dancing around with a notorious home wrecker. Isn’t it the most wonderful time of

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