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IHGB #204 Bachelor Matt James: Women Tell All

Hello everyone ! As with most Women Tell All episodes, I prepared myself for a night full of ruffled feathers and consuming a stiff drink in anticipation of a long episode that could easily have been culled to twenty-five minutes of important information. What I didn’t expect was the power to go out for three hours, forcing me to retreat to the only other person in my life who still has regular

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IHGB #203 Bachelor Matt James: Hometown Dates

Hello everyone ! This week on The Bachelor is traditionally titled “Hometown Dates.” However, since all of the families have to quarantine at the Neapolitan due to COVID, the remaining contestants call this week “Home Visits.”  Some Guy in Austin and I discuss many things this episode, such as: Michelle’s darling parents The Gilmore Girl-ness of Bri and her mom Serena’s deadpan sister and her fierce words And facts about Canada, eh?

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IHGB #202 Bachelor Matt James: Cool Rider

Hello everyone ! Who knew that a girl wearing puka shells all over her white gossamer gown could cause such a fuss, am I right? Some Guy in Austin and I break down week six of Matt James’ journey to find love, and we tackle many questions along the way.  How many bolts are missing from those carnival rides? How many Temecula Road songs can you name off the top of

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IHGB #201 Bachelor Matt James: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Hello everyone, Matt James has picked up his Swiffer and is cleaning house. The mean girls are GONE, and Some Guy in Austin and I have many questions we try and answer in this episode.  Should “raking manure” be considered an actual date? Is MJ there for the right reasons? Does she really promote peace and harmony?  Could Kit be a fairy living in the human world? When is a

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IHGB #199 Bachelor Matt: Rumor Has It

Hello everyone! Well, I hope you stayed sharp this week because Matt James now has a few more names on the roster we will have to memorize. That’s right, Our Host Chris Harrison dropped five more women at the Neopolitan doorstep and Some Guy in Austin, and I have thoughts. We discuss all sorts of things on this episode: How does one define the word escort? Is Anna the new

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