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IHGB #196: Bachelor Matt — Whatta Man

Happy New Year everyone! Well, it’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life for Matt James. And he’s feeling good. Want to know why? Because his journey to find love doesn’t involve a hotel that might as well be located on the surface of the sun.  ABC learned its lesson and has moved the show to a luxury resort in Pennsylvania. Instead of having free rein of a prop

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IHGB #195 — Meet Bachelor Matt’s Ladies

Well, Season 25 of The Bachelor is upon us, which means ABC has provided a detailed bio on 32 young women vying for the love and affection of one Mr. Matt James during a pandemic.  Some Guy in Austin and I have decided to do things a little differently this episode compared to our traditional “let’s meet the women of this season” from episodes before. Since half of these ladies

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IHGB Podcast #154: Peter’s Picks

Not a whole heck of a lot happened during last night’s episode other than Natasha finally getting a one-on-one, Kelley stepping into annoying villain territory, and Peter finally getting his Band-Aid off his head wound. But that doesn’t stop Some Guy in Austin and I from discussing Peter’s final four. We dive deep and right before my VERY POPULAR “Moment with Mama” segment, we go off the rails on a

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