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Prince Farming: A look back on our Bachelor

We are days away from the premiere of the Prince Farming season of The Bachelor. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were scratching our heads over Andi’s fashion choices and screaming at her for not knowing Nick was a wolf in brightly colored and often nautical-inspired sheep’s clothing. Six months have flown by, so I thought I would take this time to scour Andi’s season in order

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El Bachelor Latino Recap-o: Episode Juan

It’s been a long, cold winter and I am so happy that JUAN-uary has finally arrived to warm us up. Here’s what we learned from the ubiquitous new Bachelor season b-roll footage: Juan Pablo is still hot and wears purple socks and suits that are too tight. Our Host Chris Harrison is impeccable and is making charcoal grey — fetch. Lincee is trying to make “fetch” happen. ABC makes us

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It just got real

BEHOLD! Through an earlier Twitter exchange of tweets, I can confirm that Our Host Chris Harrison HIMSELF will be uploading a video. Only two questions remain… 1. Will Our Host be wearing this in his video? 2. What are my next steps? [poll id=”23″]

And then there were two

I’ve only be recapping this show for the last six years…what do I know?   Kudos to ABC for keeping me on my toes.  I really thought Molly was a goner.  I literally uttered a gasp when he called her name.  And from all the uncomfortable blushing I was experiencing during Jillian and Jason’s soft core porn scene in the wine vat/pseudo hot tub, I pretty much assumed the two

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