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Bachelorette Recap: Love Lifts Us Up Where We Be-Gong

Bachelorette Recap: Rachel’s Hometown Dates I don’t know how you reacted to Rachel’s hometown dates, but I for one am thrilled that she was 4-for-4 on the Jump and Straddle(™) welcome leap. I’ve never been more proud and have never been more concerned over something that made me so proud. There were four different techniques: Dean executed a weird little skip before meeting Rachel in the middle of an abandoned

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Bachelorette Recap: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Bachelorette Recap: Rachel Episode 7 I KNEW IT! Geneva, Switzerland is the perfect place to fall in love. It’s also the perfect place to ditch a couple of superfluous bachelors, as well as almost lose a digit to frostbite. I’m getting ahead of myself. As Rachel wanders the streets of Geneva, giddy that she has access to both a waterfront and mountains, she reflects on the importance of this week’s

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Bachelor Recap: Hot Tubin’ Lovin’

Bachelorette Recap: Rachel Episode 6 Clearly our voices have been heard. Last night was the first episode in recent memory that ended with an actual rose ceremony unaccompanied by a “TO BE CONTINUED” slate. Our Host Chris Harrison must have read my recap, as well as your aggressive tweets. He probably reported back to Mike Fleiss that we were upset. Bachelor Nation is a powerful group of people. I’m proud

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Bachelorette Recap: Hang Loose

Bachelorette recap: Rachel Week 5 I think this episode of The Bachelorette is the first time we have ever experienced more than three dates in one episode. As the camera pans to Kenny and Lee about to throw down, just before we see Bryan and Rachel making out in a boat decorated with gratuitous throw pillows from Pottery Barn, I was confused. I completely forgot that producers interrupted last week’s

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Bachelorette Recap: That’s W-H-A-C-K

Bachelorette Recap: Rachel Episode 4  With all of the Bachelor in Paradise rumors flooding news outlets and social media last week, along with the omission our Monday night train wreck thanks to the NBA finals, I’m glad ABC producers launched this week’s show with a significant recap of Rachel’s three-week journey to find love. Having so many “TO BE CONTINUED” slates popping up at the end of every episode, I

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