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Bachelorette Ali is back!

Hello people! Group hug everyone! For those of you who only come to IHGB during the Bachelor/Bachelorette season, WELCOME BACK! We’ve missed you. Last night our beloved show returned full of chachtastic first impression gifts, cringe worthy one-liners and unfortunate personal truths revealed on national television. Our Host Chris Harrison is gracing us with his presence once again. And according to several promo commercial spots, Jake will be waltzing with

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At first glance

Monday is the big day people.  America is pulling for Ali to find her one true love.  And the producers have gone above and beyond to compile, how shall I put this delicately…an interesting group of young suitors. In keeping with tradition, I’ve selected a few of Ali’s gentlemen callers that in some way caught my eye.  I feel the following will definitely get a bid to the next round

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