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Will Andi find true love on ‘The Bachelorette’ tonight?

Take a look at this season’s Bachelorette promo: It’s unclear if Andi will find true love on her journey, but there are a few things we can glean from these 30 seconds. 1. I’m so over “eet’s okay” and as I mentioned in my previous post about Andi’s suitors, I predict that someone is going to drop that phrase during the icebreaker section. 2. Ten bucks that the dude carrying

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Bachelorette Andi: Sizing up her dudes

The contestants have been posted ladies and gentlemen. And in keeping with tradition from seasons past, I chose a few contenders based solely on their thumbnail picture. Knowing what I know from District Attorney Andi, I looked for tiny pictures that appeared to represent power, intelligence and a guy who probably chooses not to utter the phrase, “Eet’s okay.” (Although let the record show that I bet some yahoo uses

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