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IHGB #185: That’s a Lot of Balls

There was way too much going on in this episode. Never have I ever counted so many awkward moments that had me reaching for the couch cushion. Luckily, I have a co-host who felt just as skeevy as I did. Enjoy! EPISODE NOTES: Here are the official bios of Bachelorette Clare’s guys! Here’s the episode 2 recap link. (I can’t promise it won’t crash, but I do know the comments are working

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Bachelorette Clare Recap: Say That You Love Me

Bachelorette Clare Recap | Episode 2 | Hello friends.  It’s taken me a while to recover from the waves of disconcerting moments from Tuesday night. I spent seventy-five-percent of my time rocking back and forth with my head tucked down into my brand new Rose Apothecary t-shirt, groaning for Our Host Chris Harrison to make it stop.  But it didn’t stop. It was an aco taco parade, full of unsettling

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IHGB #184: Clare Found Her Husband!

It’s been seven months since we’ve podcasted about the Bachelor franchise, and Some Guy in Austin and I are thrilled to be back discussing the inaugural moments of Clare’s allegedly short journey to find love. In this episode, Some Guy and I discuss the proper etiquette of exiting a big, plastic, sweaty ball. We wonder if men’s capri pants are trending in California. We also debate the effects of perfectly

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Bachelorette Clare Recap: I Love That

Bachelorette Clare Recap: Episode 1 It’s been seven months, dear readers, since we were last metaphorically gathered together around our televisions, watching the hot mess unfold as Peter the Pilot’s mother Barb begged him through snotty tears not to let “her” go. Most of us rolled our eyes and scoffed at the ridiculous nonsense ABC served up on a silver platter.  Little did we know that Barb and her dramatic

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IHGB #183: Meet Bachelorette Clare’s Guys

It’s finally here! The moment we’ve been waiting for! Bachelorette Clare’s guys have officially been announced by ABC and because we are such professionals, Some Guy in Austin and I combed through each bio, critiqued each Instagram account, and performed some light stalking to bring you the latest dirt on 31 men vying for Clare’s heart. Questions we asked ourselves: Is hybrid hair paste is a thing? Why does Brenden

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