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IHGB #186: Someone Call Emily Post

We have a special treat for you in this episode. Some Guy in Austin and I are together in the same room podcasting. Let the record show that this episode was originally twice as long. I had to edit due to constant laughing, random tangents, and material a little too saucy for my podcast. However, you’ll still be entertained by constant laughing, random tangents, and PG rated material. Last week

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IHGB #185: That’s a Lot of Balls

There was way too much going on in this episode. Never have I ever counted so many awkward moments that had me reaching for the couch cushion. Luckily, I have a co-host who felt just as skeevy as I did. Enjoy! EPISODE NOTES: Here are the official bios of Bachelorette Clare’s guys! Here’s the episode 2 recap link. (I can’t promise it won’t crash, but I do know the comments are working

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