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Bachelor Recap: Hot Tubin’ Lovin’

Bachelorette Recap: Rachel Episode 6 Clearly our voices have been heard. Last night was the first episode in recent memory that ended with an actual rose ceremony unaccompanied by a “TO BE CONTINUED” slate. Our Host Chris Harrison must have read my recap, as well as your aggressive tweets. He probably reported back to Mike Fleiss that we were upset. Bachelor Nation is a powerful group of people. I’m proud

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Bachelorette Recap: Hang Loose

Bachelorette recap: Rachel Week 5 I think this episode of The Bachelorette is the first time we have ever experienced more than three dates in one episode. As the camera pans to Kenny and Lee about to throw down, just before we see Bryan and Rachel making out in a boat decorated with gratuitous throw pillows from Pottery Barn, I was confused. I completely forgot that producers interrupted last week’s

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Bachelorette Recap: That’s W-H-A-C-K

Bachelorette Recap: Rachel Episode 4  With all of the Bachelor in Paradise rumors flooding news outlets and social media last week, along with the omission our Monday night train wreck thanks to the NBA finals, I’m glad ABC producers launched this week’s show with a significant recap of Rachel’s three-week journey to find love. Having so many “TO BE CONTINUED” slates popping up at the end of every episode, I

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The Bachelorette Recap: Rodeo Drive, Baby

The Bachelorette Recap: Season 13, Episode 3 The phrase “I like Rachel,” and “This is going to be such a good season,” was proclaimed on more than one ocassion last night. Our bachelorette proves time and time again that she’s taking the process seriously and she has no problem dismissing riffraff from her lineup. Rachel is going to have fun, but she’s also going to find a husband in the process.

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The Bachelorette recap: Who is that?

The Bachelorette Rachel recap: Week 2 Oh my goodness! Wasn’t that one of the most compelling Bachelorette episodes we’ve seen in a long time? I was on the edge of my seat. I cheered at the television. I only rolled my eyes once. Hooray for Rachel for being such a normal representation of a woman looking for love! And then there’s DeMario… SIMPLE DISCLAIMER The following information you are about

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